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"Our Goal: to Deliver peace of mind through quality products and service unmatched in our industry."

Founded in 2013, Vancouver Safes has transformed from a side gig into a powerhouse in the Canadian safes and vaults scene. We're not your average security folks – we bring you top-tier products from reputable brands like American Security / Amsec, Brawn, Inkas, MGM, and Stockinger.

Our inventory is a treasure trove for both home and business needs. Picture this: general fire/burglary safes, sleek gun safes (for both rifles and pistols), deposit safes, time-delay pharmacy safes, and even safes that guard your bling and watches. Oh, and we've got those high-security TL-rated safes and vault doors too.

While we do the shipping dance across Canada, the real magic happens in southwest BC. Our slick delivery and installation services are like a secret mission – discreet, pro-level, and downright impressive. We don't outsource; we keep it in the family, handling installations in-house. At Vancouver Safes, we're not just about security; we're about turning the mundane into extraordinary. Your installations aren't just tasks; they're a work of art, and we're the masters of the craft.



Our entrepreneurial journey started over 10 years ago when we set out to purchase a safe for our own home. Equipped with a discerning eye for quality and value (and admittedly a touch of OCD), visits to our local safe retailers at the time left us feeling discouraged.  Plenty of low quality products, staff with little to no product knowledge and suggestions we “just hire a moving company” to get our safe home made us think, is this really it? What are we missing?

We couldn't seem to find anyone that specialized in safes and the lack of knowledge in the market was glaringly obvious.

The reality is most companies that sell safes are generalists, selling safes to compliment their other related services like cutting keys, alarms, cameras etcetera.

After a lengthy self-education process to source a higher quality safe for our own home, and then putting in a safe here and there for friends and family, word made its way around and Vancouver Safes was quietly started as a part-time venture out of our Port Moody garage. First slowly, and then quickly demand grew and we realized this was market we could properly serve so we made the decision to turn our part-time venture into a full-time business and give it the attention and focus it deserved.

Chad’s 25 prior years of experience as a BC Licenced Security Professional with subsequent roles in Fortune 500 Information Technology and Management roles uniquely positioned him to slowly and steadily build Vancouver Safes into the respected specialty firm it is today while Dariya’s years of Project Management experience, combined with her keen eye for detail and process ensures their clients always receive unmatched service, quality and professionalism.

Many business owners choose to hide behind their corporate website but we understand, particularly in our industry, clients want to know who they’re dealing with in order to gain trust and confidence that the company they choose to purchase their safe from is the right fit and that the transaction will be handled professionally and with discretion. 

Kindly at your service,

Chad & Dariya